It’s time to Recharge the Environment

In Australia, over 8, 000 tonnes of handheld batteries (AA and AAA) end up landfill every year. This is a ridiculous amount considering the scarce natural resources that go in to making these products. In fact 90% of the materials used in handheld batteries, CAN be recycled. Yet there is no national recycling scheme in Australia.

All Australian’s need to do more to help this cause, whether it be Government bodies, individuals or battery producers and retailers.

My name is Lexie, founder/co-creator of Recharge the Environment, an initiative and social media campaign dedicated to creating awareness, shifting Australian’s attitudes and inciting behavioural change towards recycling batteries. Also on the team is Lilly, co-creator and a close friend also passionate about our cause.

The idea for this blog first came about when I started to work for Total Environment Centre. A Sydney based NGO that campaigns for the protection of Australia’s urban and natural environment. Currently, I am creating an animation that will feature at the head of their campaign for battery stewardship. In the next coming weeks, TEC and their campaign will frequent our blog posts, so I’m sure you will become very familiar with their organisation. For now let me first state our objectives.

Currently there are over 100 types of batteries available. They power everything from remote controls and clocks, to cameras and phones, to cars and laptops. The issue is not the use of batteries, this is inescapable as our dependance on electronic devices rapidly increases. The issue is that there is no need to throw away the materials used to make them.

We aim to provide a helpful resource, to promote and create awareness about the importance of battery recycling, to campaign for commercial battery stewardship and save our beautiful planet.

– Lexie

Earth by Night - Creative Commons

Earth by Night – Creative Commons


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