Why Should We Recycle Batteries?

Part 1

When I first started telling people about Recharge the Environment, a lot of people asked – why should we recycle batteries?

Here, at Recharge the Environment, we are focusing on two main reasons for recycling batteries.

1. Saving Resources

As we all know, recycling is extremely important. We live on a finite planet, and if we keep using materials without recycling, our resources will dry up.

Batteries include many materials that aren’t renewable, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, lithium, manganese, nickel and zinc (batteryrecycling.org.au). This means that unlike natural resources, which can replenish after a certain period of time, these materials are in limited supply. Fortunately, these materials can be recycled an indefinite number of times.

This makes recycling all the more logical and vital, as we continue using batteries in every day life. CleanUp Australia has even reported that electronic waste is “growing at three times the rate of general household waste in Australia.”  By recycling our batteries, valuable minerals can be reclaimed and reused. In some instances, materials are returned straight back to battery manufacturers, creating a fully closed loop recycling system. Yet, battery materials can also be used for other completely different purposes. As Jessica Hartogs reports, the zinc from recycled batteries can be used in sunblock and dietary supplements!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of ‘Why Should We Recycle Our Batteries?’

– Lilly


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