How to Recycle Household Batteries

In a discussion about battery recycling, my sister said to me the other day: “surely if it is so important to recycle them, you can just chuck them in the recycling bins at home!”

This leads us to the topic of today’s blog post, which follows on from Wednesday’s post:

  • How to Properly Recycle Household Batteries in Australia

Unfortunately, my sister was incorrect. Though it makes sense, and would probably motivate more people do recycle their batteries, you cannot put your batteries in the council provided recycling bins.

This is because in Australia there is no formal regulation or national scheme for recycling batteries. That means that when batteries are entered into the current municipal recycling programs they become contaminants in the recycling process because they are not sorted and recovered.

So, what can we do?

Luckily, there are quite a few organizations and programs available that can help us recycle our batteries properly. Some offer pick–up services, though most of these come at a fee.  The most easily accessible schemes are from retailers who provide a free drop-off service to customers.


ALDI has partnered up with Planet Ark and provides battery-recycling bins in all of its Australian stores, for any brand of AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries.  This year, ALDI reported that since the program started in 2012, 9 tonnes of batteries have been recycled.

BW-GUARANTEESince 2007, Battery World has offered a collection program for all kinds of batteries, in all of its stores around Australia.

Several councils also provide free-drop off services for batteries and some states, such as Victoria’s ‘Battery Back’ scheme, have their own schemes.

recycling near you planet ark for web

The easiest way to find out you closest used-battery drop-off point is Planet Ark’s site, Recycling Near You. All you have to do is put in your postcode and the site provides you with your nearest recycling points!

So, let’s turn it back to you! Have we missed any of the important recycling opportunities out there? Have you got any handy tricks on how to recycle your household batteries? Please comment below!

– Lilly


3 thoughts on “How to Recycle Household Batteries

  1. It’s good to know that places like Aldi have battery recycling places but for me it would just be a matter of remembering to take my old batteries with me…I think putting battery recycling points in Battery World is a fantastic idea and probably more electronic shops should provide them. I know I would be more likely to remember to take my old batteries to somewhere like Dick Smith or Tandy than Aldi. Also I found that Planet Ark website extremely helpful because I think a lot of people are willing to recycle electronic items; they just don’t know where to to do it. I bet a lot of land fill exists simply because people don’t know alternatives to the tip for dumping their electronic waste.

    • That’s interesting Angela! It would great to enforce that retailers of batteries have to provide recycling opportunities to their customers, because it probably would make people remember to drop recycle them. We will be talking more about the importance of setting up such a scheme in future posts! Thank you so much, as always Angela. You’re input is fabulous and always raises some really important points!

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