Australian Attitudes

For a long time, my opinion towards battery recycling was similar to most people I know. Batteries seemed so small and insignificant, it was second nature to throw them in the bin. A little voice inside me (my Mother) would say: “you’re not really supposed to just chuck them away.” But what will one little AAA battery do?

It’s not that one or two little batteries you throw away when your remote stops working. It’s the fact that every household on your street, in your suburb, your city, your country, does the same. The sheer mass of which is incredible.


In 2010 planet ark conducted a study and found that 80% of respondents thought that batteries should be recycled. Yet as little as 5% of used batteries are. Like me, most Australian’s know they should, but don’t always do it. 42% of people in the study said they were happy to drop their used batteries at a shop to be recycled.

If Australian’s are happy to take their batteries to a recycling agent, why aren’t they?

That question I cannot answer. But what I can do (which is the purpose of this blog) is to campaign for a national battery stewardship scheme.

4 out of 5 respondents said they were more likely to buy batteries from battery companies who cover the cost of recycling. As a business tactic, Aldi and Battery World have both realised the potential (see our last post). Clearly then, it is in the best interest of battery companies to fund a national scheme.

The issue is that people perception’s of recycling their batteries, is that it is too difficult. I think the reality is that people do not know the options available to them. A national scheme would mean that for every household or business, the same, simple and easy method would be available to them.

It’s clear to me, what about you?



2 thoughts on “Australian Attitudes

  1. I think a lot of people are just really indifferent to the issue. I think they, just like you did Lexie, don’t think a tiny battery will really have any impact on the environment. But I guess what they don’t consider is not only the effect on the environment if batteries leak and corrode but the sheer numbers of batteries being thrown away each year like you said in your post. I think that if special recycling points were just made incredibly easy to access then it would increase the numbers that are disposed of properly. Or if there was just some sort of incentive or even if councils did special collections for smaller electronic items every few months.

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